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Have a question?

We encourage our customers to read through the Frequent Asked Questions below to understand how Website in-a Day works.

I've started to build my website. Can you help me finish it?

We can. But our preference is to start fresh to make sure you have all the important features installed and configured. Sometimes it’s more effective and even affordable to start from scratch. But give us a call and we can give explain it to you a bit better.

Are you a real person?

100% yes. We are a real team passionate about websites and digital marketing.

Will my website be built in Australia?

Absolutely! We Create, Build and Support all websites in Australia. My Website in-a Day is an Australian owned and operated business.

I've bought my own theme already. Can My Website in a Day help me set it up?

Maybe. In this case, we need to have a look at what kind of template you have and if our team have experience working with it. There are hundreds of different frameworks, coding style and themes around.

My Website in-a Day reserves the right to decide which is the best theme to be used in your project.

The themes and templates we support are very stable,  well-supported WordPress and mobile friendly.

Don’t worry, we guide you through the theme selection process based on your brand and business needs.

I have a WordPress.com website and I want to move to a brand new site.Can you do it for me?

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What does it cost?

We’re not hiding anything.

For the price, service, quality, timing and toolkit our package offers, we believe My Website in-a Day bridges the gap between DIY’ing and hiring a developer perfectly, at a price that is manageable.

Our introductory cost is $2499 + GST..

You will also pay a minimum ongoing fee of $69/month + GST as part of our Maintain packages which start at $69/month and are compulsory for the first 12 months.

So the total investment over 12months is minimum $3327 + GST.

Can you just build it for me?

Sure we can. We will be happy to build and work on your content so you will have nothing to worry about, apart from reviewing. There is an extra fee for the copywriter and training will not be included. Please send an application form or give us a call.

I need an e-Commerce website, would that be the same price?

We are able to develop any kind of simple, complex and e-commerce websites. However, the MY Website in-a Day service comes with pre-determined features. Anything out of this scope will need to be quoted in detail. Please send us an inquiry or request a callback.

What if I'm not ready to go live in the same day?

It’s a catchy name, but we don’t want you to launch your site if it’s not ready. Our process gets you started but if you have more content to add before you do go live to the interwebs, we’ll set you up a branded holding page where you can continue to build the site without revealing it until you’re ready.

Can I bring my own hosting?

In short: Not in the first 12 months.

We’ve partnered with an amazing managed WordPress host to provide a hosting platform that allows us to assure your website is backed up daily, assertively protected from those nasty web gremlins, performance monitored and properly and priority supported if anything goes wrong. If you chose to opt-out of our Maintain plan after the initial 12 months, you can take your website and host it wherever you wish.

What happens if I'm not happy with the site?

We’ll work with you to identify what’s not to your expectations and sort it out. We have a fairly defined process to make sure there are no surprises and we teach you how to continue adding content to your site, and some ‘next steps’ to keep it moving.

A website is only one component of your overall business marketing, but we have heaps of resources on hand to help you understand how to make your site earn it’s keep.

Can I add more pages after my website is done?

Yes, that’s the whole point. We do the hard tech work and you keep growing your website. If you don’t have time or need any help, you can always hire us again.

What do I need to provide before my creation day build?

  • You will be required to complete our Content Preparation Guide before development is due to begin which covers the following info:
    • Logo in correct format
    • Branding / color requirements
    • Images / Stock Images
    • Content for each page
    • Relevant Logins / Links to social media accounts, MailChimp, etc.
  • You will need to book an available date for your development on our website
  • You will need to pay your 50% deposit on booking
  • You will need to be available on the day of development for virtual meetings / feedback
  • You will be required to pay the balance of the fee on the morning of the development

We will guide you along the way!

Do you have an affiliate program?

We’re working on it! Send an email to hello@mywebsiteinaday.com.au with ‘Affiliate request’ in the subject and we’ll let you know when it launches.